Monday, May 6, 2013

FFL - Start Buying Firearms at Wholsale!

Why Do I need a FFL License?

    The Federal Firearms License is the only guarantee left that you will retain all of your rights under the second amendment. Used mostly by pawn shops and individuals who wish to purchase firearms for resale, it is actually still available to the general public from your home.

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    Anyone who meets the ATF FFL license requirements, which include: has not violated the national firearms act and correctly fills out their ffl license application can get their Federal firearms license with a little work. There is a lot of paperwork involved with the this license including correctly filling out the ATF form 7.

    Luckily there are a lot of benefits to getting your FFL License like saving 30% on your wholesale firearms and ammunition that outweigh the stress involved in filling out paperwork. FFL Laws are strict and it pays to get some help when learning how to get a federal firearms license.  The ATF is not exactly known for making things easy being a government agency, so getting some help can increase the odds that you will correctly complete your FFL application and get your ffl dealer license approved. Once you get denied it's basically a BIG strike against you so get it right the first time.

    The most basic benefit of this firearms license is the ease that you will be able to purchase firearms. Whether you want to go into reselling firearms or if you are just an avid weapons collector, having your FFL will make buying firearms quicker, easier, and in many cases cheaper. You will also be more popular at your next NRA or gun club meeting.

    If you are mainly interested in being a collector of older firearms you may want to look into getting your c&r license or curio and relic license. As a side note, although the cost for the c and r license is a bit lower it is still the same amount of paperwork and is not as beneficial as a real federal firearms license, click one of the links on this page to visit a federal firearms licensing center to learn what type is recommended instead.

Once you get you federal firearms license you can buy firearms without having to pay transfer fees or perform individual background checks on each firearm. This is listed by many is the primary reason why they got their FFL Licenses. The cost involved in buying firearms is multifaceted. First you are looking at how much money you spend on the actual firearm, if you have your FFL you can pay wholesale instead of retail which is another way you will save money.

    Having the federal firearms license will also allow you the ability to buy firearms that are generally not made available to the public. This includes collectible arms, curios and relics. While the general public isn’t allowed to own these, anyone with an FFL regardless of whether they plan on reselling the firearms can own them.

    Buying firearms from dealers all over the world is also quicker, you can have orders shipped from anywhere in the world and not have to use an individual with an FFL, or pay transfer fees since you have the license already you can have any of the firearms shipped directly to your home. The benefits outweigh the ffl license cost if you buy more than a few guns per year.

    Most people assume that having an FFL gun license means you have to and that you have to have a store front. The benefit of an FFL is that you can sell, but it doesn’t mean that you have to resell firearms.

    If you are just wanting to collect them you can do that, if you want to resell you can open a store from your home, or resell just to a select clientele, of course if you do resell you have to follow the guidelines set up by the ATF, however the choice remains yours whether you sell or not.